Bias Has No Place In Investigations

Robert and I are very active in our state and national association for investigations. Part of our involvement consists of helping to raise the standards of our profession and teaching investigators the most important aspects of our profession. We have given...

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Going Beyond the Databases in Social Media Investigations

Databases are a great tool for investigators, paralegals and in-house investigators to find information on their subjects quickly, but is that all that’s out there? There is no such thing as a database that is all-inclusive, or even 100% accurate. There is also a...

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Efficiency In Investigations

One of the qualities API emphasizes within our agency is efficiency. I learned about the importance of efficiency as an engineering major at CU-Boulder, and made it a priority to have API be a leader in efficiency. It is no surprise that being efficient allows our...

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Looking Out For Your Best Interests

When API was founded in 2006, we did so with the goals of providing clients with the highest quality methods, work product and customer service possible at competitive rates. API realized the only way to meet these objectives was as a fully independent investigative...

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