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Advanced Professional Investigations (API) understands that when legal issues arise in the corporate world, businesses must call on effective legal representation. API is ready to team with corporate attorneys to provide a wide range of investigative services. By locating, documenting, and supplying crucial information, API can assist corporate attorneys and thus their clients in providing a positive outcome for their legal needs.

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We deliver results in the most difficult of cases, from downtown Denver to the Denver International Airport, and from mountain resort towns to rural areas.



Surveillance – Surveillance is a valuable tool for uncovering non-compete / non-solicitation violations, collusion, intellectual property theft, business travel misconduct and for integrity checks of potential mergers, acquisitions, investments, and executive hires. Our skilled use of surveillance can document the activities of an individual and help your client gain an edge when they need it most.

Corporate/Employee Misconduct Investigations – If your client is a corporation in need of investigations for employee misconduct including drug and alcohol use, time theft, equipment theft, vehicle or equipment misuse, business travel misconduct, misuse of fuel or company credit cards or violations of non-competes, we will gather evidence that allows your client to take action.

Cyber Profile/Social Media InvestigationsPeople are spending an ever-increasing amount of their time online. Accessing the internet used to be an occasional activity using a desktop computer, but is now readily open and available through mobile devices including cell phones. Social media posts, photos, conversations, and status updates can provide valuable information about activities and the subject matter in your corporate case. We are experts in finding and documenting this information. Read More

Background Investigations – Comprehensive Background Investigations assist the attorney in learning more about the subjects, witnesses and subject matter experts in their case.

Asset Checks – Asset Checks determine a subject’s financial status, which can help your client decide whether or not litigation would be worthwhile. Surveillance, combined with asset checks, can be used to identify banking locations and any assets that have been hidden from a business partner.

Witness Locates – Our professional investigators locate individuals who are needed for legal proceedings.

Witness Interviews – Witness interviews help you uncover information from potential witnesses that is critical for litigation and to support the facts for your case.

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