FAQ: Family Law Attorney Investigations
What kind of family law cases do you accept?
API’s services provide solutions for family law cases, including child custody, criminal background and social media investigations, determination of employment and cohabitation, and anti-stalking. API accepts cases with a legal purpose and legal representation. There can be rare exceptions where we would accept a case through a private client. If you are a private client, please contact API for a free consultation.
Do you accept infidelity cases?
As Colorado is a no-fault divorce state, documentation of infidelity typically does not affect the outcome of the case. However, if you are an attorney for a state where alimony or spousal maintenance can be affected, we do accept and work those cases through an attorney.
How can surveillance help my client's case?
There is simply no better investigative method to determine a person’s whereabouts, habits, work location, and activities than conducting physical surveillance. If you are unsure if surveillance can help your client’s case, please give us a call. Our initial phone consultation is always free.
How can cyber profile/social media investigations help my clients?
Cyber Profile Investigations are API’s term for social media and internet investigations. API’s skilled use of search engines and internet investigative techniques routinely locates and identifies more information than the average person can locate. Though a useful tool, even database searches need to be sifted through by the keen eye of a professional investigator to identify impactful information from the insignificant. Surveillance can be used in conjunction with information that may be located in social media investigations to achieve a better result.
Why should I consider a background investigation in my family law case?
When safety is of concern, background checks should be strongly considered. API conducts comprehensive background checks to include criminal and civil records, calls of assistance, online records, business filings, and other records.
How do you report your results?

Daily updates on activities are provided to the attorney. For surveillance, API provides unedited video documentation as well as a professionally written report. For all other investigations, API provides a professionally written report. API’s work product is always ready for presentation in legal settings.

Are you available to testify?
API places the highest degree of priority in being available to testify. API does request having as much notice as possible to prevent the possibility of the same investigator(s) needing to testify for multiple cases on the same day.
How much do you charge?
API bills in hourly increments plus expenses. API’s charges are based on the type and scope of the investigation and hours requested on a case. To receive a detailed rate quote, contact us with your case needs. For new clients, we require a retainer arrangement.
How do we contact you?
You can always call our office from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday (720-933-9301). You can also go to our contact page on this website and send us a message or email. If you have a legal matter you think an investigator can help you with; we want to hear from you.

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