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Our Company

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to achieve a positive legal impact for our clients.

Our Mission:

API’s goal is to provide solutions that meet our client’s objectives. We do this through providing professional, effective and timely insurance defense and corporate investigations for cases that have a lawful purpose. We provide our services to insurance defense and business attorneys, insurance companies, self-insureds, third party administrators, risk managers and corporations throughout Colorado and beyond. We maintain the highest integrity, quality, and consistency, ensuring our methods, techniques, and documentation will be upheld in a legal setting.

Our Value Statement:

Our team of experienced professionals act with and maintain the highest level of integrity and standards. We consistently provide personalized, high-quality services by maintaining objectivity in our cases and collecting the facts legally and ethically, allowing our documentation to stand on its own in court.

Our Values:

Quality: The standard of quality set by API will ensure our clients that effective and consistent results are maintained regardless of which investigator is assigned to the case. Our standard of quality is consistently ranked as highest in the profession.

Integrity: API is known for its integrity. By maintaining a high degree of integrity, our work product and testimony stand up to the toughest scrutiny in a legal setting. We undertake every investigation with the mindset that our findings will be presented in court.

Professionalism: We treat our clients and every investigation with respect and confidentiality. We conduct each investigation promptly. Our company provides clients with well written concise reports. We are cognizant of the fact that our actions reflect on our clients and conduct all our investigations in a legal and truthful manner. API maintains a professional demeanor consistent with the insurance and corporate environment.

Ethics: Our ethics run parallel with our integrity. API holds itself to an ethical standard higher than the minimum standards set in the investigative community, to include ethical standards in licensing laws as well as the ethics of the state and national associations in which we are affiliated. Our clients can be assured that our work product and how we conduct ourselves will hold up in a court of law.

Personalized service: We understand that a personal face to face relationship with our clients is the best way to understand our clients’ needs. This makes for effective communication, high customer service and ultimately high customer satisfaction.

Objectivity: Our job is to Observe – Record – Report. Our work product contains only the facts; no opinions, no suppositions, and no bias. We are impeccably objective in our work.

High Standards: Average isn’t good enough. We treat each case with the utmost care and pride ourselves in remaining a leader in the profession.

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