Case Studies: Business/Corporate Investigations

Investment Fund Fraud Uncovered

API was hired to investigate an individual who had been loaned a large amount of money as a part of an investment for a proprietary engineering project. API conducted surveillance on the subject, and the surveillance documentation allowed the client to determine the subject was using the investment money to purchase personal property, including an attempt to purchase commercial real estate. The subject spent a portion of the investment money on his significant other, which included funding her business endeavors.

Result: The client immediately ceased funding the subject and was able to recover a sizeable portion of the investment funds.

Competitor Stopped in Their Tracks

A national home alarm company hired API to determine if a startup competing company was stealing clients. API utilized surveillance to document which towns, neighborhoods and even which specific residences the home alarm systems were being sold.

Result: API’s findings were used to determine that the startup company was indeed soliciting to the national home alarm company existing clients. The home alarm company then took legal action to stop the startup company.

Great Plan of Action Prevented Workplace Violence Incident

A large corporate office hired API due to concerns of safety after an employee had recently been terminated. The former employee was sending dozens of texts and emails to former supervisors, HR personnel, and co-workers. The client was legitimately concerned that the former employee’s mental instability would lead to a workplace violence incident. API referred the client to a security company who provided security services during business hours. Simultaneously, API conducted surveillance to ensure the subject would not show up at his former workplace and to give notice to the security company if he did. API documented the subject looking for employment. After several days, and with a warning of legal action against the subject, he ceased sending threats to the corporate office.

Result: API’s plan of action gave its client the peace of mind and confidence it needed to prevent a potential workplace violence incident.

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