FAQ: Business/Corporate Investigations

What do you mean by business services?

API has a wide range of investigative services tailored to businesses and corporations. Our surveillance, social media/internet investigations, asset checks, statements and interviews, and corporate backgrounds are designed to limit and eliminate your exposure and risk. For more information on business investigations, please go to our Business Investigations Services page.

Are your business investigations confidential?

All of our investigations are always confidential. Our findings and documentation are provided to pertinent legal parties only, and only at the time of legal discovery or proceedings.

How can surveillance help me?

There is simply no better investigative method to determine a person’s whereabouts, habits, work location, and physical activities/abilities than surveillance. If you are unsure whether surveillance can help, give us a call. Our initial phone consultations are always free.

What do you mean by an asset check?

Asset checks can reveal real estate property, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, large pieces of equipment, trailers, and more.

What do you mean by corporate/employee misconduct investigations?

There are many activities that can fall under corporate or employee misconduct, but generally, they involve illegal activities and/or activities that violate the policies and/or procedures of the business. If you have a question regarding a potential misconduct investigation, give us a call today.

Do you conduct due diligence/background investigations?

API conducts due diligence background investigations for many needs to include mergers, acquisitions, investments and in litigation. If you are unsure how API can help, give us a call.

How can cyber profile/social media investigations help me?

Cyber Profile Investigations are API’s term for social media and internet investigations. API’s skilled use of search engines and internet investigative techniques routinely locates and identifies more information than the average person can locate. Even database searches, though a useful tool, need to be sifted through by the keen eye of a professional investigator to identify useful information from the insignificant.

Do you conduct witness interviews?

API does offer interview and statement services for many needs including obtaining information from a potential witness. As with our other services, API has years of experience to provide you with an effective interview and statement solutions.

Do you locate people?

Yes. Locating an individual can be as simple as entering given information into a database or can become as complex as requiring the use of Cyber Profile Investigations, surveillance, canvasing neighborhoods, and interviewing others who may know the subject. For an estimate on what will be needed to locate an individual, give API a call. Please note we only conduct locates for legal purposes.

How much do you charge for a business investigation?

Fees vary. Just as there are various kinds of business investigations, there are different levels of fees and expenses. For employee misconduct investigations, for example, we can tailor a package that meets the business owner’s needs. On any of our cases, once the parameters of the investigation have been identified, we provide the client with an estimate on the fee and set the budget accordingly. If you have a business concern that needs investigating, contact us right away; we do not charge for an initial consultation.

Is the dress and demeanor of API's investigators consistent with the corporate environment?

API is cognizant of the dress and demeanor in corporate environments. Our clients can rest assured API’s professionalism extends into the dress and demeanor of its investigators at all times. 

How do we contact you?

You can always call our office from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday (720-933-9301). Our investigators have our office number, and direct email addresses printed on their business cards, and often communicate directly with clients during cases. You can also go to our contact page on this website and send us a message or email. If you have a legal matter you think an investigator can help you with, we want to hear from you.

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