Case Studies: Insurance Defense Investigations

Documented Truth Saves Company $8 Million

API was requested to conduct surveillance of an individual who had a potential $10 million exposure against a rental car agency’s insurer. Over the course of several days of surveillance, API was able to obtain video documentation showing the subject’s physical abilities exceeded his subjective limitations. API documented the subject’s involvement in work-related deliveries facilitated through apps. While conducting a comprehensive background investigation API also located criminal and domestic records subsequent to his claimed injury date.

Result: The insurer saved $8 million of exposure on the case, based largely on uncovering the subject’s history and actual abilities.

One-Two Punch of Social Media Investigations and Surveillance Saved Company Money

API was retained to investigate a female who claimed her quality of life and ability to work were severely impacted due to a car accident. API’s extensive social media and internet background investigation revealed she was actively involved in bodybuilding. Our findings brought to light her rigorous workout regimen and bodybuilding events after her claimed date of injury. Her frequent and vast number of photos and videos also indicated her status as a social media influencer in the bodybuilding community.

Result: API’s online findings were used in conjunction with surveillance to document the subject working out at a gym. This one-two punch of internet investigations and surveillance was used to mitigate the claim to a fraction of what the subject was originally demanding.

Claim Denied Due to Getting a Clear Picture of the Injury Location

API was contacted to obtain a statement of a Spanish speaking individual that claimed an injury on a premise. After talking with the individual and having that person point out where the injury had occurred on a map with a satellite view of the area, the local governmental entity determined the injury occurred off premises.

Result: The client was able to deny the claim based on investigative findings.

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