News Briefs

December 2020  –  Andrea Orozco, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of API received the ‘Investigator of the Year’ award from PI Magazine.

December 2019  –  API was a sponsor and exhibitor at the Advanced Family Law Institute, held in Denver and hosted by the Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. API is committed to the support of family law professionals through events such as this CLE event.

March 2019 – API was an exhibitor of the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO. API is committed to the support of insurance defense professionals through events such as this conference.

October 2018 – To best serve our clients, API always stays abreast of the latest cutting-edge tools, methodology, and techniques in our profession. API investigators attended the OSMOSIS Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The conference brought professionals from the legal field, law enforcement, the private sector, business, and accounting community to learn valuable, cutting-edge methodologies and techniques in Open Source Intelligence Investigations/Social Media Investigations.

March 2018Andrea receives the Wayne J. Wunder Memorial Award, presented by the National Council of Investigation and Security Services. The award recognizes her dedication, leadership and distinguished service to the private investigation and security professions.

November 2017 Andrea is a guest on PI’s Declassified Podcast. In the podcast, hosted by Francie Koehler, Andrea discussed what it means to be a professional investigator and the need for investigators to be involved in legislative matters.

October 2017 Sisters In Crime – Colorado invited Andrea to give a presentation entitled, “Private Eye Stories and Secrets.” Andrea shared her experience of what being an investigator is really like and how important it is for an investigator to learn their client’s needs and work hard for their clients. 

October 2016 – API attended the OSMOSIS Conference in Anaheim, CA. The purpose of OSMOSIS is to educate, inform and protect investigators and analysts within the cybersecurity industry. This education is critical in safeguarding API and our clients.

April 2016 Andrea attended the National Council of Investigation and Security Services 40th Annual Conference and Hit the Hill. Andrea, along with other professionals helped lobby and educate members of Congress and legislative aides about the investigative and security professions. This is critical to ensuring we can continue to have access to what we need for our clients.

October 2015Robert and Andrea attended the Rocky Mountain Private Investigators Conference in Estes Park, CO. The conference, hosted by PPIAC, provided continued education and training to our investigators

May 2015 The Professionals in Workers Compensation presents API with an award for Outstanding Investigative Firm for the year 2014. The award honors the organization who exhibits exceptional work in providing investigative services for workers’ compensation claims.

August 2014PI Magazine publishes two articles written by API. Andrea’s article, “The Versatility of a Female Surveillance Specialist” and Robert’s article, “Physical Investigations Vs. Unmanned Surveillance Platforms” for PI Magazine’s Annual Surveillance Issue.

June 2014 – Robert and Andrea attended the National Association of Legal Investigators Conference in Denver, CO. At this conference, they received training and education to serve their legal clients better.

June 2013 – Robert and Andrea attended the National Association of Legal Investigators Conference in New Orleans, LA. At this conference, they received education and training as a “legal investigator.” The purpose of NALI is to further the art and science of legal investigation, to continuously educate members, to support and advance their members professionally and to endorse the highest standard of professional ethics.

January 2013  Robert and other professional investigators were invited as a guest on the American Private Investigator Podcast as part of the Annual Surveillance Roundtable.

November 2012 Robert received the Chairman’s Certificate of Appreciation from the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado. The certificate recognizes Robert for his exceptional contributions from 2010-2012 as a board member of the PPIAC.

September 2012 Andrea’s article, “Responsible Locate Investigations by Private Investigators” is published in Pursuit Magazine to help educate other investigators, the online magazine for professional investigators.

September 2011 – Robert and Andrea attended the PPIAC Annual Conference in Denver, CO. The conference provided continued education and training to our investigators.

February 2011As President of PPIAC, Robert and other association leaders introduce Colorado House Bill 11-1195, a bill with the goal of providing a voluntary private investigator licensing program in Colorado. The bill was ultimately passed and signed into law in 2011 and made a license available to PI’s for the first time since 1977. This voluntary license law helped pave the way for Colorado’s current mandatory PI law and protects our clients

November 2010Robert becomes President of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado. PPIAC consists of over 100 Investigator members. It provides education, training and legislative representation for the profession.

May 2010API helps lobby to defeat Colorado House Bill 10-1012, which would have drastically affected the ability for insurers to utilize surveillance in worker’s compensation cases. API’s testimony and lobbying helped identify a key legislator in the Senate Judiciary Committee which provided the swing vote needed to kill the bill. We spent our time doing this to help our ensure our insurance clients an still have what they need to prove false claims and save money.

May 2007Andrea becomes Vice President of Training for the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado.

November 2006 – Andrea Orozco becomes a partner in API. Her background includes internal inverstigations and surveillance for a major casino. Andrea specializes in surveillance, workers compensation defense investigations and famiy law investigations. Her versatility as a female investigator brings the diversity which is invaluable in many cases and provides many additional skill sets to API’s clientele.

September 2006Robert and Andrea become members of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado. The PPIAC, founded in 1978, was formed to improve the credibility of private investigators, and to provide guidelines for a licensing statute in the State of Colorado.

May 2006 Advanced Professional Investigations is founded in Castle Rock, CO by Robert Orozco with the goal of providing investigative solutions to the insurance defense and corporate markets in Colorado and beyond.

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