Utilizing the Investigator’s Input for Effective Strategy

Oct 2, 2023

When clients hire investigators, the objective typically is to identify and locate pertinent information, and in some cases to obtain documentation. Fulfilling these objectives, as well as occasionally testifying to the investigator’s findings and documentation in legal settings, tends to be the extent of the investigator’s involvement for the client.

Looking beyond the provided reports, attachments, video and/or audio recordings, and testimony may provide additional benefits to clients.

Utilizing API’s findings to help provide direction in active, open and unresolved legal cases and claims is an additional benefit. Many clients entrust API with providing strategy to bring resolution to cases. These strategies are provided to our clients at no extra charge.

After all, we utilize strategy with all our investigations and can readily forward those strategies to clients.API provides input such as: when and how investigations should be conducted, whether an investigation should even be initiated, whether follow up investigations should be conducted, what type of questions to ask an individual, whether additional witnesses / security video can be developed or located, where certain information can be subpoenaed, analyzing the accuracy of police and investigative reports, analyzing gaps and accuracy of previous surveillance and investigations, and many others.

Make no mistake, as an independent agency, API provides strategy to clients in an objective manner just as it conducts its investigations objectively and provides objective findings.

We feel a great sense of fulfillment when we are able to provide input beyond findings, reports and videos. API provides additional value to clients with the use of strategies passed along to the client.

Thank you for entrusting API as your investigative strategy provider.