Efficiency In Investigations

Mar 31, 2023

One of the qualities API emphasizes within our agency is efficiency. I learned about the importance of efficiency as an engineering major at CU-Boulder, and made it a priority to have API be a leader in efficiency. It is no surprise that being efficient allows our company to be more successful in the course of our investigations. More importantly, though, efficiency allows API to better service our clients and provide a more effective product.

How does API place emphasis on efficiency? It begins with providing a case intake form which our clients can easily fill out. Our intake form has the fields which are pertinent to the type of services API offers. Any additional information or instructions can be included in the case intake. API quickly sends an email confirming receipt of the case request, and will email or call the client with any other questions.

Once the case is received, the investigation itself certainly has to be efficient to save the client time and money. Prior to any field investigation, API does the office investigation portion to ensure the field investigator has as much pertinent information as possible. There are simply too many irrelevant leads and errors that can arise in field investigations conducted without important background information going in. API’s field investigators also have an office team readily available for any additional background information or office investigation needed on the spot.

Of course for the field investigations to be efficient, the office investigation has to be efficient. Many of API’s investigation requests have no field investigation facet, and those also must meet the ‘best product for least client cost’ objective. API remains laser-focused from the beginning of the investigation to the end, keeping in mind at all times clients’ objectives, instructions, and desired outcomes. The internet, and the physical realm for that matter, are filled with rabbit holes which can cost precious time and money. Our training, experience, and continuous application of techniques better ensures success in client objectives within their budget. In many cases, API will meet a client’s objectives below their budget with a quicker turnaround time than anticipated.

Finally, API’s company structure ensures the greatest degree of efficiency. API strives for a two-day turnaround on its work product after the investigation is completed. API’s reports are concise. Bloated reports with frivolous information only create more for a client to sift through. API is fully independent and has no national parent company to ‘pass the baton’ of work product to. Also, the client can completely expect to communicate directly with API. No communication is lost in translation. The result is an efficient, thorough investigation saving the client time and money.

Robert Orozco