Looking Out For Your Best Interests

Jan 4, 2023

When API was founded in 2006, we did so with the goals of providing clients with the highest quality methods, work product and customer service possible at competitive rates. API realized the only way to meet these objectives was as a fully independent investigative agency that provides direct services to clients.

With no middle-man agency, API is able to provide direct communication with clients for a true sense of team effort. API also has a simplified structure to reduce and altogether eliminate redundancies, inefficiencies and inaccuracies. We utilize the autonomy of being a fully independent agency to the ultimate benefit in the most cost-effective way for our clients.

We’ve seen a trend in the past few years in companies utilizing investigator vendor panels or in-house / internal investigators. Some utilize a combination of both. Though well-intended, each of these structures have their limitations, despite trending in popularity.

API has been asked to join some of these vendor panels and operate under their control. After considering these offers, we decided remaining independent gives our clients the assurance of receiving the highest quality work product in the most cost-effective way that can withstand legal scrutiny. Our structure also provides you with the type of customer service that can only come with a direct connection between client and investigations provider, ultimately leading to the best results possible for your cases.

How do we limit your liability as a fully independent company? API will always meet and even exceed the minimum qualifications for investigative vendor panels. API is licensed to conduct investigations in multiple states, thus showing that it has been backgrounded and vetted and is compliant with the requirements of those states.

What else can you count on when you hire API? You can count on expertise in our field along with objective, unbiased results with no external (or internal) influence.

API’s continued education in emerging investigative methods better ensures effective results. Our agency carries a robust general liability insurance policy with errors and omissions coverage. API also carries commercial auto insurance which is an often-overlooked coverage and rarely considered among vendor panels and internal / in-house investigations.

An unbiased investigative process is crucial to the final work product. Thought must be given whether the background and testimony of individual investigators as well as the investigative work product will be able to withstand the scrutiny of opposing counsel when the work product is introduced at a hearing or trial. In worst case scenarios, the work product may be disqualified from being entered into evidence in a hearing/trial. The credibility of the investigator(s) may be questioned to the point of being detrimental to the legal team who hired the investigator(s). For insurance cases, bad faith claims can arise. With any legal cases, lawsuits and insurance claims can be triggered as a result of bad investigations. API’s founders are actively and continuously involved in the processes of each and every case.

When a client hires an investigative agency, it is with the expectation that a high quality and professional product will be delivered, and the product will provide the answers the client is seeking and solutions to the client’s needs.

Thank you for entrusting API with providing solutions to your investigative requests.