Private Investigator Rates in Colorado

Having worked full time as a Colorado private investigator for nearly 15 years, and for over 10 years as a business owner, I’ve been able to experience the ebbs and flows - the ups and downs of the profession. Over those 15 years, I’ve  had the opportunity to network...

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Legal Basis in Family Law Investigations

Private investigators oftentimes have the stigma of taking on any case for any reason. Advanced Professional Investigations has worked hard to change that perception through educating the public and clients on what a professional investigator does and how we think. We...

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Documenting the Dynamics of Parenting Time

Like adults, children can have biases particularly in regards to their parents. Those biases are affected even more so in contentious divorces where struggles for parenting time become an emotional tug of war. Emotions on the part of the client makes a family law...

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How Surveillance Can Be Beneficial

They aren’t situations in which we prefer to operate all the time, but there are times in life where a private investigator may be necessary. In particular, many unfortunate circumstances may require the hiring of a professional to conduct surveillance services. At...

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The Investigator/Attorney Relationship

Why should an attorney use an investigator when they have a paralegal in the office? It's no secret that attorneys utilize paralegals to handle many investigative related tasks. Instead of viewing it as an "either/or" situation, look at the possibilities of utilizing...

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Physical Surveillance Vs. Unmanned Surveillance

In recent years, there have been companies that are marketing unmanned surveillance platforms. Some companies are selling unmanned surveillance platforms directly to insurance companies, third party administrators, corporations, and surveillance investigators....

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Why Should Private Investigators Be Licensed?

Over my career, I've mentored and helped guide countless numbers of investigators. I am very passionate about the profession, and yes I do call this a profession. I do not want to call this an industry. Why should private investigators be licensed? Quite simply,...

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Colorado Private Investigators Seek Licensing

I am a past President of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado. The reason why Colorado private investigators are seeking to establish a licensing requirement is simple: consumer protection. For the past 11 years that I have been a private...

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Pre Trial Investigators for Denver and Colorado Wide Cases

You can never have too much information. Wars have been lost for lack of data. Use API's licensed private investigators as your resource for pre-trial investigations, and don't risk a lack of details leaving your flank exposed in court. How overworked is your...

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