Upcoming Private Investigator Denver Conference

Aug 20, 2011

Attention all private investigators, private detectives, and paralegals! With summer quickly coming to an end, the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado is really putting the 2011 conference planning into overdrive. The conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on September 23rd-24th. See the breakdown for conference fees below. In order to receive the best rate, make sure you register by September 1! Previous PPIAC conferences have had an early bird deadline in August or even July. However, PPIAC wanted to accommodate attendees as best as possible by pushing the early bird registration back and providing the flexibility of a one day fee. Times have been hard, the economy has been down for quite a while and PPIAC has listened by providing a flexible package of options for this year’s conference. Here are the rates:

PPIAC Members early Registration:  $175.00 before September 1st
PPIAC Member after September 1st: $200.00

Non Member early Registration: $225.00 Before September 1st
Non-Member after September 1st $250.00

Last-minute walk-ins: $275.00

Several people have asked about one-day attendance registration.  As there is no PayPal option for one-day, the easiest thing to do is mail in your payment and registration for the 1-day you will attend.  Here are the rates:
Friday 125.00
Saturday 100.00
(before 09/01)

Friday 150.00
Saturday 125.00
(after 09/01)

Last minute walk-ins for Friday are $175 and Saturday $150 (better to register early for the full conference and benefits, including the conference dinner and keynote speaker).

More information regarding the annual conference can be found at PPIAC’s online flyer: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs040/1103529694576/archive/1107080342788.html 

Information can also be located on PPIAC’s website at: http://ppiac.org/info/annual-conference

Attending the PPIAC conference has many benefits. I’ve heard comments from previous year’s conference attendees who have stated that the PPIAC conference was the best that they have ever been to. Many of these attendees have been to many conferences all across the country. With this year’s speaker line up, I am confident that this year’s conference can match the lofty standards set by the last few PPIAC conferences.

Besides the speaker line up, the conference offers excellent networking opportunities. There are several breaks throughout the day as well as after the daily topics where you have a chance to network with fellow colleagues and meet new ones. I’ve literally seen investigators refer cases on the spot to a colleague who might be better suited to work the case. Spread the word to any interested investigators so they can take advantage of the amazing lineup of speakers we have this year.

PPIAC will be providing a historical perspective on private investigations in the form of PI Museum, which will be rolling into Denver in a mobile exhibit. Help NCISS and PI Museum by making the 50/50 donation to PI Museum.  

Besides the PPIAC conference, Jimmie Mesis will be offering a seminar scheduled for Thursday, September 22nd. That is a separate fee of $150. Thanks for your interest and I look forward to seeing you in Denver for the 2011 PPIAC Conference!