Trusting Your Intuition

Jan 29, 2020

We’ve all heard many variations of the terms “listen to your gut” and “trust your intuition.” We’ve certainly discussed this with the API team. In fact, private investigators across all specialties frequently mention this intangible yet crucial skill. For an investigator, trusting your intuition can be crucial to break a case wide open or maintaining safety.

However, trusting one’s intuition is not a skill solely for investigators to hone. Maintaining personal safety in everyday life is not solely for investigators. Relying on intuition for making decisions both large and small is universally practiced.

For legal investigations, honing one’s intuition can greatly impact the outcome of those cases help achieve higher levels of success. Clients will sometimes discuss their impressions, interactions, and even their suspicions of the subject with PIs. API encourages clients to provide their impressions of the case. Doing so can certainly assist us in the investigation. API does not use any of this information to anticipate the outcome of an investigation. Rather, we can pay particular attention to any documentation or activity that may be used to verify the client’s suspicions.

To be clear, people cannot exclusively rely on intuition. We all must primarily rely on verified, conclusive, and concrete factors in the cases we examine. A person’s intuition can certainly be wrong. When unverified, any hunch must be treated as just that, an unverified hunch that has the potential of being wrong. However, when utilized in a proper manner and coupled with experience, intuition can be beneficial in creating more positive outcomes in cases.