The Small Business Difference

Dec 27, 2018

Small Business Saturday is always on the Saturday after the Thanksgiving holiday. Our office is located in Castle Rock, Colorado which is certainly a small town compared to Denver, CO. Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to shop small local businesses, which made me think about our investigative agency and what being a small business means for our clients.

Our vision for Advanced Professional Investigations was to provide quality investigations, good old-fashioned customer service and be a results-driven company. However, the dedication that goes into what we provide is not always readily apparent. I recently had a client call after 9 pm and be absolutely surprised that we actually answered the phone. We realize our client needs are not just from 8 am to 5 pm, and although I can’t guarantee we’ll answer the phone at 1 am, we try our best to be available during the times our clients have availability or requests.

API is 100 percent invested in all of its cases. Most often clients don’t know how much extra time we put into our cases whether it is checking out a case at odd hours, on the weekend, holidays or putting in more time in research or going the extra mile to get results. API’s investigative team has worked together for years and all of the work is handled within our company. We don’t farm out cases and all of our investigators have no less than 12 years of experience.

I can’t tell you how many advertisements we get stating “Don’t have time to do social media investigations, let us do them for you”, or “need a background done, we do hundreds per day”. During busy times where we find ourselves putting in a 12-14 hour day, that concept may be tempting. However, we remind ourselves what our vision was to begin with. That’s not to mention the confidentiality that may be compromised in using outside sources.

Our professional investigative agency was founded almost 13 years ago and never thought it would grow beyond us doing what we love. Over the years, our company has grown but we’ve always held on to the idea that no matter how busy we get, our company would focus on quality rather than quantity. That is the small business difference. What we can guarantee is care for our cases, care for our clients, care for the results and care for the quality each and every time.