The Importance of Using an Unbiased Private Investigator

Jan 28, 2011

As claimant attorneys become more aware of the use of surveillance in workers compensation (and other related) claims, they have responded by focusing on the investigation itself.  Many of their strategies lay in questioning the impartiality of the private investigator conducting the investigation. 

Using an unbiased private investigator is critical when insuring there has been no conflict of interest on a case, and that the results produced from the investigation have truly remained objective. The use of ‘in-house’ investigators has proven to be an especially vulnerable area for attorneys to attack the impartiality of surveillance. 

A private investigator has no part in adjusting or administering the claim; the only association they have is in conducting the investigation itself.  Their compensation does not hinge on the outcome of the claim.  Accusation of bias is far less likely to adhere to a private investigator conducting surveillance on a claim than to an in-house investigator. 

Our investigators document all of a claimant’s activities that can be observed in public, assuring the case cannot be discredited through bias. 

Our impartiality is your greatest strength.