Social Network Investigator

Oct 26, 2011

Can Social Network Investigations Make a Difference in Your Cases?

By now, everyone has heard of social networking. It’s not a fad or something restricted to teens. Private investigators utilize the social networks to help them
develop leads, locate individuals, and follow the information to confirm and document the findings. All of this sounds good, but how can it be applied to
your case? Is social networking just a nicety?

Social networking is quickly becoming a massive part of nearly every private investigator’s case. It is an integral part of most people’s lives. Not only do
people open their networking sites almost immediately upon starting up their home computers or netbooks, but many people now use their social networking
applications (such as Facebook and Twitter) on their smart phones 9% more often than they use it on their computer. The need for people to stay connected with
others outpaces their need for privacy.

Private investigators can use this to their advantage. Advanced Professional Investigations checks dozens of social networking sites for your cases, but for our example let’s look at Facebook. Many subjects are among the 800 million active users on Facebook. Facebook posts can provide leads, confirm information, supply photos and hobby data that will help to fill out a case profile that can save both time and money in confirming or denying questionable data.

API is keenly aware of how much time, effort and money social network and internet investigations can save. Subjects that have a prolific presence on the internet use more than one social networking site; searching these sites may provide invaluable information. It is due to these recent developments that API has created the cost-effective Advanced Social Profile Division. If you would like a more extensive search package added to one of your cases, please contact us for pricing. The information gleaned from this often-requested search greatly helps the chances of the case being resolved quickly.