Selecting a Colorado Private Investigator

Aug 3, 2011

Selecting a qualified private investigative company is far more complex than may be imagined.  Private investigators not only work the cases that their clients give them; conscientious agencies have a duty to insure their clients are getting the very best return for their money.  Is their client happy with the report?  Is there enough communication with the client?  Will their product stand up on its own in court? To make things even more difficult, clients and the general public must now be aware of the latest rash of fake private investigators who are setting up flashy websites and/or advertising on Craigslist. Problems with fake and unscrupulous investigators tend to be more severe in higher population areas such as Denver. These problems would be expected out of a state like Colorado, where there has been no licensing standards for decades. However, the problem with fake and even unlicensed private investigators is also cropping up in states where licensing is mandatory. When hiring a private investigative agency, do not hesitate to request credentials and ask questions.

Colorado legislators are questioning if private investigators know the difference between surveillance and stalking/harrassment or know the laws concerning wiretapping/evesdropping. Now more than ever make sure the private investigators YOU hire know the difference. Your case depends on it.