Private Investigator Insurance

Mar 14, 2011

An important consideration that often reveals the full-time, professional and qualified PI agencies from the part-timers (and most likely less experienced) is to look at the insurance that the private investigator/agency carries. Particularly since Colorado does not license or otherwise provide guidelines for private investigators and their insurance coverages, the responsibility falls on the client to choose an insured investigative agency. Most insurance companies, law firms, and corporate clients require a $1,000,000 per occurrence liability insurance to be in place prior to using the investigator’s/agency’s services. A certificate of insurance should be requested to verify the policy information. The insurance protects the investigative agency as well as well as the client. Clients need to be aware that there have been instances of private investigators knowingly, or perhaps due to lack of training, cause harm to themselves or the subject(s) of their investigation. Because of the nature of private investigations, PIs are involved in legal matters and can be suseptible to facing legal action themselves. Private investigators, detectives, and surveillance operatives are typically involved in a lot of travel, even during the worst of Colorado conditions, so the risk of accident can be high. Also, because of activities such as service of process, interviewing hostile witnesses, and otherwise involvement in cases that can create confrontations on the PI, insurance is critical. If the private investigator/agency objects to showing proof of insurance, they probably don’t carry it. Ask if the PI or investigative agency has ever had to make a claim on their insurance, and if so, get the details.