In this article, Advanced Professional Investigations discusses confidentiality and what it means for a client. When hiring an investigative agency, clients should be aware of the agency’s confidentiality practices. A professional investigative agency, with professional investigators on its staff, will know that maintaining the confidentiality of a case is in the client’s best interest, and to preserve the integrity of the case itself.


An experienced, ethical investigator/agency knows never to reveal the name of the client unless specifically authorized to do so. The agency should also never reveal the name of the subject of the investigation, unless it is to obtain records on the subject.


Though there is no confidentiality clause in the Colorado Private Investigator licensing statute, a professional investigator knows to maintain it and assure it at all cost.


API has, on rare occasions, heard of private investigators who attempted to extort money from either the client or from the intended subject of the investigation. Though this is an extreme example and more likely to happen to a private client who has no attorney representation, it is definitely not out of the realm of possibility.


Advanced Professional Investigations and its employees understand the importance of maintaining client confidentiality on each and every one of the cases we are entrusted to handle! Contact us today for a free consultation.