Investigations in Family Law Mediation

Jan 31, 2013

The mediation process can be complicated when children are involved. Using a licensed professional private investigator prior to mediation may help the attorney identify issues that might not otherwise surface until court.

Investigations provide key information that can prove invaluable when sitting down to speak with a mediator.  Investigators provide attorney support by delivering the evidence that will help better prepare their client when entering the mediation process.

Here are some key points to consider for your client:

Safe Environment for the children:  Surveillance may pinpoint such issues as neglect, child abuse, drug and alcohol-related problems, as well as established routines.   

Who are the children spending time with?  Background investigations are a key component that may be conducted on individuals spending time with the children, to insure there are no criminal or sexual offenses.  Does the other parent spend time with the children, or do they constantly drop them off at the babysitter’s or a friend’s residence?

Cohabitation: Cohabitation factors into alimony and asset concerns, as well as individuals spending time with the children.

Employment:  Insuring there is a proper support structure means a steady source of income.  Surveillance and background investigations come into play when determining employment.  Are the subject(s) employed?  Are they claiming all their income and assets?

When preparing for mediation, utilizing licensed professional investigators can provide the attorney with an advantage for their client.