GPS Tracking in Colorado

Nov 25, 2012

Advanced Professional Investigations has cautioned against the misuse of GPS tracking technology for years. Why is GPS tracking technology such a grey area for the typical consumer as well as for private investigators in Colorado? API has compiled some recent news articles on GPS trackers and high tech stalking.
In this first article, a journalist contacted several California private investigators under a pretext to see if they offered GPS tracking services. The initial responses of the PI’s were disturbing. The journalist likely chose California because of their strict laws on GPS tracking.
This next article talks about how stalkers are going high tech to do their dirty deeds. Please note the statistics compiled in a study of how victims are being stalked. The video/digital camera statistic is particularly alarming. The GPS tracking statistic has likely gone up several fold since this study. Over the years, our agency has received many phone calls from individuals whose intent was suspect. Private investigators can never be too careful in screening those cases.
Of course, like any technology or piece of equipment, there are some perfectly legitimate uses and not everything is for malicious purposes. Here’s a couple of articles that highlight those uses. The second article shows how one Minnesota county is turning the use of GPS tracking against the stalkers. As the use of GPS tracking and other investigative technology expands, API and other professional private investigators will potentially take on the role of educators for the public, and perhaps providing consultations on the proper use of the technology.