Expanding Your Presence as a Private Investigator

Sep 23, 2012

In the last several months, the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado has made a push to expand its presence and earn greater recognition across the country. One of the ways PPIAC has done this is by being involved and partnering with other associations, whether they are other state associations, regional associations, national associations, or specialty / certification specific associations.

I recently returned from the National Council of Investigative and Security Services Conference which was held in Boston. PPIAC was represented by several PPIAC members, including past Presidents. There are many reasons why Colorado private investigators should consider attending national investigator association conferences and events. With NCISS, for example, you have an organization which provides an effective voice on federal legislative issues. Also, by attending these events, you can network with investigators across the country. These are just two of the many reasons for being members of and attending events such as what NCISS offers. For more information on NCISS, please visit http://www.nciss.org .

I have often heard of local, small investigator agencies wonder how they can possibly be competitive against national investigative agencies which have investigators available in most if not every state in the US. Being a part of investigator associations, some of which have a national presence, provides an answer to this dilemma. By forming networks with investigators in other states, local investigators can expand their reach. You no longer have to wonder how you can pull a record from a court in California if you have an investigator in that region you can turn to. Better yet, if you get to know the board members of the state associations, CALI being the example of California, you are able to expand your reach to cover literally every city and county of California for which you might ever need to fulfill an investigative request. 

PPIAC’s website now has a page with a list of Colorado’s licensed members. Here is the link to the page: http://ppiac.org/find-a-pi/colorado-licensed

Last but not least, the PPIAC annual conference is just one month away! Please get your payments sooner than later in if you plan to attend the conference. By doing so, the conference committee can better plan for the total number of attendees. For the latest information on the conference, go to http://ppiac.org/training/private-investigator-conference-colorado-springs . New this year is the Private Investigator Core Curriculum which will be held on October 17th, one day before the start of the conference. This unique program is free to attend but an RSVP is required. Details are on the conference web page. Thanks for your continued support of Colorado’s professional private investigator association!