Employee Misconduct Investigations Part 1

Dec 4, 2011

With the downturn in the economy, many corporations, small business owners, and even government entities are looking for ways to keep their businesses and work places running efficiently and maximize profits. One method for achieving this goal is to examine the productivity, honesty, and integrity of a company’s employees. Often, dishonesty, illegal activity, and unscrupulous behavior start as an isolated incident, or with one employee. However, problems can quickly escalate with an employee and can even spread to other employees if they believe everyone else
is “getting away with it.”

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of employers installing security and video surveillance systems in offices and company property as a way to create a safer work environment, to limit liability, increase productivity, cut down on losses, and as an investigative tool when an issue arises. So how can an employer monitor his/her employees when these concerns arise outside of an office or company property? The answer is through physical surveillance provided by a professional private investigative agency, and specifically one that specializes in surveillance.

Do you have increasingly missing or unexplainable losses in company equipment? Many companies, particularly construction and similar industrial related businesses have valuable equipment which is used by employees on field locations away from company property. Surveillance investigators pick up where stationary surveillance cameras drop off. Surveillance investigators are more mobile, more flexible, and can even be more covert in the ability to document equipment theft.