Employee Misconduct Investigations III

Dec 13, 2011

Recent Colorado medical marijuana legislation passed at the Denver Capitol has caused a rise in the use and abuse of that drug in the workplace. Drug use in the workplace is a type of misconduct that employers should curb, as this type of behavior can be costly down the road. Drug use, to include illegal drugs, alcohol, and even the abuse of prescription drugs can impair an employee’s ability to perform their work functions in a safe manner. An employee who is impaired is more likely to suffer an injury in the workplace, and can subsequently claim worker’s compensation benefits as a result of the injury. Impaired employees are also a danger to others around them, which increases liability to the employer. Impaired employees in general can be less productive and less efficient than those who are not.
Other behaviors which could fall under employee misconduct include falsely claiming sick days, falsely claiming FMLA ( Family Medical Leave Act ), claiming lack of transportation, inaccessible roads, involvement in vehicular accidents, breakdowns, and other forms of excessive absenteeism.
Of course, surveillance is only one part of the equation. Employers need well written policies and procedures. Legal advice from an employment attorney will help the employer ensure that the professional investigator’s documentation is used in measures and resolutions that are compliant with labor laws.

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