Colorado Surveillance Specialists

Oct 16, 2011

What defines and distinguishes Advanced Professional Investigations is specialized expertise and ethical standards that set the bar in the private investigator field. What we do and how we do it are core to our mission and working philosophy.


Whether we’re conducting surveillance or another type of private investigation, our purpose is to observe objectively. Our impartiality is your greatest strength.


We obtain expert video surveillance evidence and audio statements that are recorded professionally and legally. We do not use wiretapping or GPS tracking devices.


The culmination of our observations and recordings are delivered to you in a professional and concisely written report.  No opinions.  No speculation.  No suppositions.  Our objective reports provide you with the facts and support you need to make your best case.

Advanced Professional Investigations is a Colorado owned and operated private investigations company, with highly experienced investigators conveniently located throughout the Denver metro area.

We are Denver surveillance specialists, and for that matter we are Colorado surveillance specialists: we wear that hat proudly. Our private investigators each have 10 to 30 years of field surveillance experience. Field experience has a large impact on your bottom line.

Fast Turn Around – Time is money. The quicker we can turn over the results and completed documentation to you, the better. Upon completion of surveillance we send you the report and video within 48 hours.

Did you know API offers Statements and Interviews?
Interviews help you uncover information from potential witnesses that is critical for litigation and to support the facts for your case. API can provide video or voice recorded statements for your cases that have a legal purpose.