Colorado Private Investigators Need Background Checks Too!

Mar 4, 2011

The first thing to look for in a private investigator and/or investigative agency is their background and qualifications. Of course if the average person could conduct a thorough background, there would be no need for hiring private investigators to conduct background checks. A character investigation on the individual as well as verification of the investigator’s qualifications and experience should also be considered. With no PI licensing requirements in Colorado, there is only one known investigative organization in Colorado which conducts background checks/character investigations on its members: the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado or PPIAC for short. This organization verifies the hours of experience of its members and appoints membership levels based on the hours of experience. Many investigators and private detectives in Colorado obtain a PI license in other states as a way to display credibility and credentials above their peers in the state. A private investigator who wishes to obtain a license in another state must pass a background check as well as display a minimun

                As with other professions, the Better Business Bureau should be checked to determine if there are any consumer complaints filed against an investigative agency.

                Make sure to ask the investigator how many years of experience he or she has, particularly in the specific type of case that he or she will be working. A good question to ask is how many cases in a specific field that investigator has worked in the past year. Another question to ask is whether there are any other investigators other than the one being interviewed that will be working on the case. A surveillance investigator will probably not be the best bet in conducting a computer forensics investigation, and vice versa. College education, though not necessary, can give an indication as to the investigator’s research abilities, report writing abilities and overall intelligence.