Even though there was no monthly meeting in July, the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado has been busy with other events, activities, and updates. For those who were anxiously awaiting for Colorado’s PI license to take effect, that date finally arrived on July 1st! I’ve already heard from several Colorado licensed private investigators who have received case work directly attributed to being licensed. One of the goals of bringing licensing to CO is to restore consumer confidence in the use of private investigators. It seems like that goal is already being realized. Of course, obtaining a license is no guarantee that a private investigator will receive more work. However, the way I see it, at a price of $320, all I need is half a day’s work to recoup my cost. With that in mind, I like my chances.

Currently, DORA shows there are 47 Colorado licensed PI’s. In speaking with several private investigators, the two main reasons why those who are otherwise qualified have not obtained licenses are cost and lack of time. For the cost portion, the fee is one factor that could not be controlled by the investigative community. DORA, being in charge of administering the program, set the fees. I know that with the economy, times have been tough for many of you. Please bear in mind though, that with just one case you can potentially recoup that cost. For those of you who have not been able to make the time to get your licenses, I’m glad to hear that you’re busy with work and personal activities, including enjoying the always-too-short summer season. However, make no mistake, your support and participation in Colorado’s licensing program is absolutely crucial to the program’s success! In fact, the participation of each and every investigator who is qualified for a Colorado PI license is needed to ensure a long-lived program and the potential for lower fees in future years.

The DORA PI License Program Manager, has agreed take time out of her schedule to be at the August 1st PPIAC meeting to provide information about the licensing program, as well as to answer any questions. Please pencil this date in your calendars and plan to attend if you are interested in learning more about what it means to be a licensed professional.

I was fortunate enough to be able to be a guest presenter at PPIAC’s training seminar on July 13. I always embrace any opportunity to gain more experience in giving presentations. I also learned a lot from the other presenters, and even learned a few new investigative tricks from some of the attendees. The fresh, creative techniques that new investigators bring to the profession never fails to amaze me.

The Conference committee has just released information for the upcoming conference to be held in Colorado Springs this coming October 2012! This year’s conference will showcase the amazing quality of professional investigators that call Colorado their home! Many of these names will already be familiar, some may not. If you’re thinking that you’ve already heard some of these presentations, think again! This panel of speakers will present information that will no doubt be valuable and worth your time and money. Please go to http://PPIAC.org/training/annual-conference for more information.

I have started a new column on the home page of the PPIAC website. The column is entitled President’s Recommendation, and to kick off the column, I chose to profile a book that I recently read. It is entitled Trials and Tribulations of a Real Life Private Eye by John Lajoie. I recommend any private investigator, both highly experienced as well as new to the profession read this book. This is not a how-to book on investigations. Rather, it is a book that provides a no-nonsense insight into the life and mindset of what it takes to be a professional private investigator and business owner. See if you can spot the PPIAC member whose work in a high profile case is mentioned in the book! Please visit http://PPIAC.org/info/presidents-recommendation for more information on the President’s Recommendation column.

The August PPIAC meeting is a little over a week away. Jeff Saviano of JDS Criminalistics in Colorado Springs will be providing a presentation in Forensic Photography. This is a can’t miss meeting that will provide valuable information to help you not only take better photographs but to also help you analyze photographs. Practically every investigator provides some type of photographic documentation to a client at least once in any given year, or otherwise has to analyze photographic documentation/evidence. I look forward to seeing you on August 1st at the PPIAC meeting in Englewood, CO! Please go to http://PPIAC.org for more information and to RSVP.