Colorado Private Investigator Bill Update

Aug 10, 2011

After months of emails, networking, testifying, and lobbying, HB 1012 was postponed indefinitely on May 5, 2010. The vote was close: 4-3. HB10-1012 would have limited the use of legitimate sureillance for workers compensations claims in Colorado. Every year, legislation throws curveballs at the insurance industry. HB 1012 would have drastically impacted the ability of employers and insurance companies to conduct surveillance on suspected fraudulent or exaggerated worker’s compensation claims. This was also a critical bill among Colorado private investigators; had it passed, other states might have used it as a template to affect the way surveillance was used on worker’s compensation claims. HB 1012 did not die easily. It took a concentrated effort from everyone involved to bring about its defeat; from concerned business owners, attorneys, insurance claims adjusters and risk managers, to professional private investigators, lobbyists and various associations. Through enlightening letters, phone calls, assisting lobbyists, and even lining up at the Capitol to voice our concerns at the hearings, we all made this happen. API would like to extend a personal thank you to each and every person that took the time and effort to let the Colorado Legislature know your feelings on this matter. This outcome could have been disastrous for the industry- but for your participation. You all deserve a hearty, “Well done!”